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Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury and Maison CODAGE create the quintessential wellbeing experience

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The Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury’s spa reopened in August after an ingenious redesign and renovation, carried out with the help of JFA Architects. More than ever before, the beauty of its new layout and décor reflect the benevolence and expertise of Beachcomber's Wellbeing Artisans. Thanks to their ultra-personalised service, the spa’s discerning clientele can look forward to moments of complete fulfilment and serenity. At the heart of your Mauritian holiday is a quintessential well-being experience.

Energy, relaxation, purification, rejuvenation, regeneration, efficiency: The Royal Palm Spa understands your desires, having journeyed through the elders’ secret gardens and absorbed their therapeutic wisdom.

Enclosed by subtly voluptuous curtains and wall hangings by Paris’ Maison Casamance, each treatment cabin is unique. The spa’s warm and welcoming setting exudes peacefulness and harmony, with its colours, materials and shapes creating a refined and luminous atmosphere. The timeless elegance of grey, white, and brown is enhanced by chic yet understated furniture with a contemporary twist, while large openings let in plenty of natural light.


From your very first visit, you’ll benefit from Beachcomber’s art de vivre – which is rooted in nature and features treatments based on benevolent ancestral wisdom – and embark upon a personal sensory journey. Time seems to slow as "The Art of Wellness" imparts a feeling of fulfilment and harmony like nothing you’ve experienced before. As you discover our treatments, you’ll also discover the Beachcomber experience, recharging your batteries and striking the perfect balance between your lifestyle and your wellbeing.


Combined expertise, unique experiences

In its quest for excellence, Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury has partnered with French cosmetics company CODAGE, placing deeply personalised beauty treatments at the heart of its made-to-measure wellness concept. This French cosmetics company was founded in 2010by Julien and Amandine Azencott, two siblings from a family of doctors and pharmacists.


Thanks to the combined expertise of these two brands, guests will enjoy a unique skincare experience that bring together the arts of wellbeing, beauty and efficacy. Since October, the tailor-made treatments offered as part of Beachcomber’s "The Art of Wellness" concept has been enhanced by CODAGE’s blend of beauty, benevolence and expertise.

The Azencott brother-sister duo, who have complementary skillsets, decided to revive the prescription and made-to-order formulation services traditionally offered in French pharmacies, in the context of "doctor brands" becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Their aim was to create "Nutri-elements” that meet the skin’s nutritional needs.


These cocktails of active ingredients draw inspiration from the periodic table and act in concert to effectively target a specific dermal need. Combined and measured out in precise doses, they provide the skin with the nutrients it needs to function properly. Each blend of Nutri-elements consists of a unique treatment formula that makes up a code, or "codage" in French. When it comes to the art of skincare, Maison CODAGE exceeds every standard by offering comprehensive support and advice alongside products containing high concentrations of active ingredients and which deeply nourish the skin.      


Find lasting serenity, vigour and strength within the peaceful atmosphere of this legendary Indian Ocean five-star. Get back to the basics as you rediscover a deep-seated sense of well-being.