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Raymond Le Court de Billot, Villa Executive of Paradis Beachcomber

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“A new, enhanced experience for our guests with the renovated villas”

When they hosted their first clients in November last, the renovated villas of Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa actually unveiled the fascinating result of works that spanned over six months and of a design that caters for the most minute details to enchant clients and shroud them in comfort.


“This is the first major renovation we have undertaken since 2005. It has included the villas’ design, furniture, bedding, and colours, hence creating a more contemporary atmosphere”, says Raymond Le Court de Billot, Paradis Beachcomber’s Villa Executive. “We have strived through this to provide a new, enhanced experience to our clients and to uplift Paradis Beachcomber’s offering. Over 60% of the guests of our villas are regular repeaters”.



Besides the transformations brought to their architecture and interior decoration, the villas have been uplifted with a number of upgrades to their equipment, including usage of eco-friendly technologies and practices in line with the expectations of an increasingly environmentally conscious clientele. Changes include a smart integrated system for air conditioning and hot water, selective waste sorting and replacing plastic bottles by reusable glass ones.



Privileged access to ATOL’s lounge at SSR International airport in Mauritius is another addition to the Villas Paradis package. Guests of the villas are greeted and assisted by a hostess at the terminal and guided to their car or helicopter for the hotel transfer. She also helps for all arrival and departure procedures at the airport.

« Since we welcomed our first guest in the new villas on 15 November, all our clients have praised the delightful experience provided by our new accommodation and service offering”, says Raymond Le Court de Billot.