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Encounter with Tina Keesoondoyal, Wedding Coordinator, Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa : “Clients must feel like in heaven.”

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She is a maestro, an entrepreneur and a dream fairy. Artisan at Beachcomber Group for the past nine years, Tina Keesoondoyal has always been fond of weddings. After seven years at Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa, it all came naturally. She entered the world of weddings as “Wedding Coordinator” at Shandrani Beachcomber – a position that she serves concurrently with that of Guest Relations Officer.

How does one become Wedding Coordinator? “You have to love what you do, be fond of events organization and be able to dedicate yourself fully to the preparations. You have to be able to envision the ceremony before it actually happens.”

The organization of the wedding starts in advance through exchanges between the Wedding Coordinator and the to-be-weds before they arrive at the hotel – whether it is through agencies, direct contact through email or Skype.

“We coordinate. I evaluate their needs and their wishes. I explain the different stages of our support, the paperwork, and walk them through the D-Day.”

On D-Day, everything starts after breakfast. Tina confirms once again the music choices. If the intending spouses want a room to change, it has to be ready prior. If other individuals accompany the couple, then Tina calls on her colleagues for assistance.


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The day also includes a visit at the hair salon following which Tina takes delivery of the different suppliers including the flowers that are so essential to the beauty and the magic of this exceptional day.  She coordinates, becomes the link and at the same time a dream fairy.

“I have always loved weddings, the preparations and also the exchanges with the clients. They tell us what they want and we do our very best to make the most beautiful day of their lives a living dream.”

The future spouses must be stress-free. They have to feel reassured and at the same time know with confidence that they can rely on a Wedding Coordinator who has been assigned specifically for their special day.

“The clients must feel like in heaven,” highlights Tina.

During the past two years at Shandrani Beachcomber, on the southeast coast of Mauritius, Tina has helped in the organization of hundreds of weddings. Yet, with each wedding, Tina is filled with the same emotions.

“I am as emotional as the newlyweds. I feel like I have contributed to the celebration of their love and at the same time bring Beachcomber weddings into the spotlight.”

For Tina, the most intense moment of the celebration is the exchange of vows – right before the exchange of rings even if the magical ritual with colored sand is also charged with emotions that words cannot describe.

“Each spouse holds a bowl filled with multicolored sand which represents the love that they have for each other. The fact that they mix it in a vase symbolizes their union and the beginning of a new life for both of them. They then through the mixture into the ocean and when the waves carry the colored sand, it is as if their love is spreading all over the world.”


“The five experiences that Beachcomber proposes on its wedding package are all appealing and magical, whether they are for a couple or the entire family. There is a something for every taste,” guarantees Tina.

Lovers from abroad who want to celebrate their wedding in Mauritius can start dreaming. They will experience a unique experience at Beachcomber, that of a unique wedding, theirs. The group’s policy is clear - at each of its resorts, there can be no more than one wedding celebration per day!