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Reaz Mamode, Restaurant Supervisor, Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa :

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The first thing we notice about Reaz is his calm, confident and friendly demeanor. He has found a job that matches his personality; alert yet discreet, he ensures the smooth running of the dinner service at Canonnier Beachcomber.

It is Reaz who welcomes you, shows you to your table and talks you through your menu. He instantly sets the tone with his warm and friendly manner and his attention to detail; he is observant yet understated. Reaz is 38 years old and is the Maitre D of all three restaurants at Canonnier Beachcomber. A Maitre D is a bit like a conductor. Once the performance starts, Reaz has to anticipate every possible situation. "The smallest of details is important," says Reaz, "everything has to be in its rightful place. From the maintenance manager to the decorator, from the gardeners to the waiters, everyone contributes in unison to the success of the dinner service. Our reward is our customers’ loyalty."

The ascent

Reaz joined Beachcomber Resorts and Hotels fourteen years ago. "I wanted to work for Beachcomber because I was looking for a job that could give me financial security with an eye to the future. I started as a waiter, and slowly worked my way up to my current position as Maitre D. My dream is now to become restaurant manager".

In order to achieve this, alongside his job, Reaz regularly attends training courses provided by the Beachcomber Training Academy. "It's a great chance to learn, progress in the industry and climb the ladder". Reaz and his wife have two daughters, who are both still young. His eyes shine with pride as he talks about his career. "I do not often talk about myself; I prefer doing things rather than describing them," he said, his voice a little choked with emotion.


Us: The team and I…


Rather than "I", Reaz refers more commonly to "we"; that is, he and his team. " I like to work together with my entire team to meet the demands of our guests and give them complete customer satisfaction. Some people ask us to organise one-on-one dinners on the beach, others ask us to plan a surprise birthday cake, or a wedding banquet at the edge of the lagoon ... Each time, we strive to make the guests’ dream a reality! ", says Reaz.


Around the world…

"I also like the human contact I experience with the hotel guests; each nationality has a different mentality and we are now able to anticipate their expectations. It is fantastic to gain so much exposure to such a diverse array of cultures… We don’t travel with our job but we feel like we have got to know the whole world!" smiles Reaz.

At lunch time, under the large canopy at Frangipanier restaurant, customers crowd around the buffet. Reaz discreetly oversees the waiters’ work whilst welcoming each of the customers with his friendly smile. In the evening, from 6pm Reaz is in charge of setting up the terrace of Navigator restaurant with white tablecloths.

"Around the table," concludes Reaz, "we don’t just share a meal, we also share wonderful life experiences: birthdays, marriage proposals, declarations of love and friendship. If you understand that, you realise that my job is ultimately just to make people happy!"