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Hans Jeewajee, Golf Instructor - Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa:

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"It all started in a sugar cane field near my home village, La Gaulette," recalls Hans, 37, Golf Instructor at Paradis Beachcomber Golf since 2008. "One day, when I was just 11, a colleague and caddy at Paradis Beachcomber, brought back a 9-iron, a few golf balls and tees to the village. He said, "Come on, we're going to hit some golf balls!" From that day forward, Hans's passion for golf has guided his life and career.

The chosen one…


As a teenager, when he wasn’t working at his father's little shop ‘Tabagie’, Hans was in the field or on the beach at low tide hitting golf balls. "One day, Nanda, one of Paradis Beachcomber’s golf instructors asked me to be a golf ball gatherer on the course". Hans already knew this resort, having visited it sometimes with his father who had been a chauffeur and porter at Paradis Beachcomber for nearly 50 years. Burning bright in his childhood memories, Paradis Beachcomber represented a place where lavish Christmas meals were organised for the Artisan’s children. Hans was 17 when he started work on the golf course, looking for lost golf balls. For ten years, he held various positions at the Club House… until that unforgettable day when Mario Desvaux, Manager of the Paradis Golf Club, said to Hans: "We have chosen you. We will train you to become a golf instructor". To this day Hans remembers the emotion he felt in that moment: "As I sat in the car park, I felt both ecstatic and intimidated. I had stopped school in year 10 and I had a lot of gaps in my education, but Mario gave me all his trust. Not long after, I went to France for five weeks where two teachers, Sébastien and Mathieu, trained me and taught me everything they knew. I started my first season in October 2008 ".




Since then Hans has continued to progress with the same honesty and humility. "My father taught me to respect and listen to others and to always be an upright citizen. These values are the foundations on which I base my life and are the reasons I have been able to grow, personally and professionally. These are the necessary qualities needed to be a golf instructor.

For the past ten years, Hans has met with players from all over the world who have come to play golf at Paradis Beachcomber. "They come here for the beauty and the challenges of the course – an 18-hole par 72 - and is nearly 6 km long. It is situated between the lagoon and the Morne Brabant mountain. Guests come back because they are loyal to the golf instructors. They like to know that they will find us here from one year to the next! ", smiles Hans.




As a teacher, Hans does not just give lessons. His job is to teach anyone and everyone, whatever their level. "I adapt my teaching to each student; for those who don’t know how to play, I teach to play approach shots… I even managed to teach a left handed guest to play right-handed. He felt like a real golfer! I derive so much satisfaction from that." As for the instructors, they too continue to improve. "Dominique Larretche, our Consultant at the Academy, regularly teaches us new things, to improve the set up and driving technique, enabling us to adapt our approach with students. A good instructor has one method of teaching. An excellent instructor has several methods! That is the most valuable thing I’ve learnt.