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The benefits and virtues of massages : An ancient therapy for the wellbeing of the body and mind

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The benefits and virtues of massage date back to ancient times. This therapeutic movement is today in vogue with the emergence of alternative medicines.

The earliest forms of Chinese writings give us an insight into massage, one of the most ancient therapies used by humankind, and that goes back to 3000 B.C. However, there are good reasons to believe that massage was used to treat various conditions before the first writings.

To stay in good health, Hippocrates, a Greek doctor, known as the father of modern medicine, advised daily aromatic baths and massages to people. According to his research, if people practiced these routines on a regular basis, the benefits would be noticeable. Hippocrates used the word ‘anatripsis’ from the Greek term meaning ‘rubbing up’.


Relieve the body from all tensions


Massage has the power to relieve the body from all sorts of tensions. Nowadays, regular massages are sources of relaxation and stress relief – stress, as we are aware, can incite and exacerbate various pains or pathologies. Massage triggers certain genes and neutralizes inflammation. The pains and soreness subside considerably.


‘Me-time’ and letting go


Massage rimes with letting go and relaxation. It is a moment when one focuses on the self, a moment of pure bliss. The person who is receiving the massage decompresses and is wrapped in a feeling of relaxation and good mood – the necessary ingredients to fight stress, anxiety and depression. Certain massages help to release repressed feelings, physical and mental tensions.


The medical benefits


The benefits of massage go well beyond pleasure and relaxation. They help reduce stiffness and chronic muscular pains. Massages relieve headaches, digestion disorders and stimulate the immune system as well as blood and lymphatic circulation. They also eliminate toxins and fats.


Relieve, tone and energize


Massage dates back to ancient times and has countless benefits. Its capacity to free the body from all tensions while toning and energizing, makes it the perfect wellness ally.  It boosts brainpower by providing relief and pleasure through an improved blood circulation.