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Meeting with Vicky, Supervisor of the Sports & Entertainment Team, Mauricia Beachcomber Resort & Spa: Perky and Peppy

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Just like Obelix who fell in the magic potion when he was a baby, Vicky discovered the world of entertainment in 2004, at a very young age. Four years later, he joined the entertainment team of Mauricia Beachcomber as entertainer. He rose through the ranks and today oversees a team of five entertainers who are just as boisterous as him!

“To be in the sports & entertainment team, means that you have to ensure that guests spend memorable moments. You suggest activities to them but also activities that they’ve never done before. In short, we make them spend amazing moments and unforgettable holidays,” he asserts.

The scene is set. “Our team is made up of seven individuals, including myself and the manager. I arrive at 8 o’clock. After breakfast, I run a check to make sure that everything is okay. I check the posters, the tennis courts. For instance, I check if the net needs to be changed, or if something is broken. That’s my role,” he states.



Vicky then leads the briefing so that each team member is informed of the day’s program before the tasks are actually assigned.



The program is multifaceted and meets the needs of all guests whether they want to be physically active, relax, discover or just unleash their hyperactivity. The program is generally comprised of seven activities: volley-polo, water polo, aqua gym, ping-pong, petanque, beach soccer but also kayak trips and sometimes darts. The activities are scheduled depending on the time of year and the needs of the visitors.

“Sometimes, we have young guests, teens, who like to play beach soccer. Young girls who come with their families will enrol for aqua gym. There are families who also like kayak trips. These are the most popular family activities,” he observes.

Adults often pick volley. Visitors who travel alone sometimes join the entertainers for a ping-pong or petanque game.



“There are all sorts of activities and they match the tastes of all the clients,” assures Vicky.

Beach volley and aqua gym are scheduled every day. Aqua gym is scheduled from 11 00 a.m. – noon following which it is game time where entertainers and vacationers enjoy volley-polo and water polo games. Sometimes, aqua scrabble is on the menu for the literati.

“The schedule of activities is organised according to the time of year. If there are more children for instance, more vacationers, more teens, then there’ll be more activities,” Vicky explains.



This program he highlights, is reviewed several times over the year based on the needs of the clientele. The ultimate goal is to give the clients the best holidays ever at Mauricia Beachcomber.

The success of the program relies heavily on the versatility of the entertainment team.

“Everyone knows how to do aqua gym, play volley, stage a petanque tournament or play ping-pong. We do not have one animator for a specific activity. Here, entertainers do everything,” he pursues.



The musical entertainment part is outsourced.

“Every evening, there is a different show,” confides Vicky. And Vicky is also a showman!

“One of my biggest passions is music. Since I play the ravanne, I teach the clients how to play the instrument. It is a shared pleasure,” he adds.

Throughout the day, Vicky is constantly exchanging and sharing experiences. He understands that to make people happy, one has to convey perkiness and above all, that happiness is a two-way feeling.