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The feminine touch of Beachcomber

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Each year, on March 8, women organisations around the world celebrate International Women’s Day.  This year, Beachcomber joins in the celebrations and pays tribute to the numerous women who have worked or are working for the group and who have discreetly carved in stone the history and success of the nautilus for the past 67 years.  Through these nine portraits, we invite you to appreciate the invaluable contribution of these artisans to the success of the group.  These nine portraits are indeed an opportunity for us to honour the feminine touch of Beachcomber, the largest hotel group of Mauritius.


Kulyannee Gungah, Gardens Attendant, Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury:

“I succeeded in life.”



Kulyannee Gungah, also known as Mimi, serves as Gardens Attendant at the Royal Palm Beachcomber.  It is in these gardens that the 50-year old woman found her happiness 19 years ago. It is in these gardens that she flourished just like the araucarias, the ficus or flamboyant trees that she handles with so much love and dedication. “Working for Beachcomber Group allowed me to prosper, to move forward in life, which would not have been possible otherwise. I am blessed! I managed to buy a land, build a house,” she rejoices. Mimi has contributed to the happiness of her family, especially to that of Kavish, her 17-year old son. She spends her life between the family dwelling at Petit Raffray, and her second home, Royal Palm.  “These 19 years at Royal Palm have allowed me to grow. I have grown professionally but also on a personal level. I have learnt a lot. I had the chance to learn English and French and to expand my knowledge in gardening,” she affirms. Today, Mimi blends in the 14.9-acres garden, her favourite playground. 

She raises the bell fruits, the ambarella fruits, the longans (or dragon eyes) and the palm trees with love and care on a daily basis, as if they were her other children. 


Corinne Ramdoo, Commercial Executive, Mauricia Beachcomber:

“The self-confidence I gained made me strong.”


Be valued as a woman – this is what drove the success of Corinne Ramdoo, Commercial Executive at Mauricia Beachcomber. These words have played a significant role in her professional life and reflect in the accrued responsibilities she was given over the past 25 years that she spent with Beachcomber Group. She climbed the ladder, and made her way from the reservations desk to the position she serves today. “This self-confidence allowed me to become strong from within,” states Corinne who is married and a mother of three girls. This self-assurance was undeniably at the heart of the balance that she managed to reach in her life as a woman, wife and mother. “We juggle with so many simultaneous roles. We are also a child and a friend. Self-confidence and (life) balance are essential values,” she claims.

Beachcomber Group allowed her to grow, maintain a life balance, spread her wings, and fly like the tropicbird in the sky of the North.


Catherine John, Station Chef, Canonnier Beachcomber:

“I wouldn’t be the same without my job.”


She is one of the rare women who serve as Assistant Chef within Beachcomber Group. At 35 years old, Catherine John, also known as Moy, has built herself a solid reputation, over the past nine years, in the kitchens of the Canonnier. “At the beginning, I was a cook. I did not stop moving forward. I am motivated and want to go further. I feel good,” confesses the married woman. What is the secret of her success? “The opportunity that Beachcomber group offers me to grow. I am independent. I wouldn’t be the same without my job,” she upholds. Moy’s personal growth also relies on the support that her fellow chefs give her especially Chef Coopen. “I thank everyone including the kitchen team and Beachcomber Group,” she restates.

Thanks to training opportunities, Moy can constantly deepen her knowledge while learning new things.


Nalinee Hilaire, Salesperson at Trou-aux-Biches Beachcomber Boutique:

“I joined a stellar team.”


Nalinee Hilaire joined Beachcomber Group only six months ago. At 33 years old, she serves as salesperson at Trou-aux-Biches Beachcomber Boutique. She knows she made the right choice. “I joined a stellar team and this contributes a lot to my wellbeing on a daily basis,” she emphasizes. Married and a mother of two, Jamel, 13 years old, and Noé, 9 years old, Nalinee Hilaire wants to build her self-confidence. “I managed to overcome my shyness thanks to the support I received from Beachcomber and the various training opportunities. Today, it’s easier for me to reach out to people. I am also more independent,” says Nalinee.

Happier, stronger, and emotionally fulfilled, Nalinee gives the best of herself and looks forward to many more years with Beachcomber Group.


Gertrude Laurent, Teens Club Officer, Victoria Beachcomber:

“I became more responsible.”


With her 17 years at the service of Beachcomber Group, 39-year old Gertrude Laurent has an impressive career path. She started as assistant at the Kids Club of Victoria Beachcomber and is today a Teens Club officer. She owes this success to the “genuine sharing” that she had with her “amazing colleagues.” “I have changed. I am more responsible. The fact that I worked in a Kids Club helped me tremendously in my role as a mother. I feel more confident,” she states. Lylian, 10 years old and Laurianne, 3 years old, will certainly validate the words of their mother. Known as Gerd to her close friends, Gertrude juggles with her professional and family responsibilities with ease.

“I have fared well since the beginning of my career,” she states in an assertive and proud manner.


Rosita Jasmin, Public Area Supervisor, Paradis Beachcomber:

“Never give up.”


Thirty-seven-year-old Rosita Jasmin always has a comforting word whenever she crosses an intern. Her message is simple: Keep moving forward and never give up.  This motto drove her during the 16 years that she has been working for Beachcomber Group and stands today as her legacy to the newcomers. “It is important to encourage and support young women who are starting their career. Women empowering women!,” the inhabitant of Curepipe and mother of Anna, 18 years old, and Andrew, 9 years old, supports. Rosita started her career with Beachcomber Group on April 1, 2003, as valet. She is convinced that her job made her become the person she is today. She learnt to gain the respect of others and assert herself in a male dominated environment. She progressed at a fast pace in her professional life and built a rock-solid self-confidence. Today, Rosi is stronger. She knows exactly where she is going and what she wants. She is happy for herself and “to see other women moving forward” in life thanks to Beachcomber Group.

She continues to prosper; convinced that women are more and more integrated in the workplace.


Florence Decotter, Executive Assistant Manager- Rooms Division, Shandrani Beachcomber:

“My job made me grow.”


Shandrani Beachcomber is like a second home to Florence Decotter, who will turn 55 in April. She started her career in this resort as Reservations Manager when the hotel opened in 1991 and since then, for 28 years, she has been loyal to the group. Today, she serves as Executive Assistant Manager – Rooms Division at Shandrani Beachcomber. Loyalty is what defines her. “It is an endangered species,” she highlights. Florence has been married for 30 years. She is the mother of Jason, 24 years old, and Jenna, 19 years old. “My career at Beachcomber has been marked by numerous encounters and human experiences with clients and colleagues. By working in the hotel industry, I came across all sorts of jobs, each as important as the other, and learnt the jargon that is intrinsic to the industry. I could only grow as an individual and as a woman,” she asserts.

Flo learnt to love life between the walls of the amazing Shandrani hotel, lulled by uninterrupted song of the Indian Ocean. “Happiness is a state of mind: it is important to appreciate the little things around us. So, yes, the environment in which I work contributes largely to my happiness but also on days when the going gets tough,” adds Flo. She grew. “Without any doubt, my job enriched me and made me strong emotionally. You have to be very pragmatic to do what you have to do on a daily basis. Otherwise, you can run away.  I always try to find some colleagues with whom I can share funny situations and some good laughs!” she says.

Laughter plays a key role in her life.


Danielle Ramoojee, Procurement Officer, Beachcomber Head Office:

“Living up to challenges is truly fulfilling.”


“When you like what you do, do it with passion.”  This is Danielle Ramoojee’s motto. The 45-year-old is Procurement Officer at the head office of Beachcomber in Curepipe and affirms that it is this axiom that allowed her to overcome numerous challenges these past ten years, and also to learn and grow. “I had the opportunity to become familiar with all sorts of jobs, whether it was on a construction site or in the office. This allowed me to expand my skills. Being able to live up to challenges, such as meeting suppliers and discussing potential contracts, is truly fulfilling. It is always with a great deal of emotion that I wrap up a project. I strongly believe that when we like what we do, we do it with passion. My job helps me to grow as a woman and to find my place in society,” says Danielle.

Married and mother of Tessa, 19 years old, and Kiara, 13 years old, Danielle Ramoojee managed to strike right balance between her professional and family obligations. “I often work in a male-dominated environment which requires a lot of personal effort. I have had to learn how to reconcile my work life and my personal life. This said, all the years I spent with Beachcomber Group allowed me to grow, to reach for the skies and to become self-confident. I am happy to be in a job that makes sense to me,” she concludes. Danielle Ramoojee started as Project Coordinator.

She managed to give a meaning to a career path that metamorphosed along the way into a life achievement for her own good and that of her family.


Patricia Auffray, Executive Assistant Manager, Dinarobin Beachcomber:

« Keep going. »



At 49 years old, Patricia Auffray, Executive Assistant Manager at Dinarobin Beachcomber, firmly believes in team spirit and breaks through barriers in the workplace with the support of her coworkers. At home, she overcomes challenges with the support of her husband Doger and her three children, Océanne, 20 years old, Alizée, 15 years old, and Axel, 13 years old. She is guided by two words: determination and positivity. These two qualities guided her during her 29 years with Beachcomber Group and helped her to climb the professional ladder and take on new responsibilities. Patricia started as Receptionist. She strongly believes that she made it to where she is today because Beachcomber Group recognizes individual efforts.

“Working for Beachcomber Group (Paradis-Dinarobin) showed me first and foremost that you can be a woman and still make it to the top based on meritocratic principles. My sacrifices have been recognized by a model management that encouraged me to give the best of myself each time,” she tells. Patricia’s message “to the young women” who have chosen “the hotel industry as their career path”, is “to keep going and to stay calm regardless of the situation.” “Difficulties will make you venture out of your comfort zone and you will grow from them. Life throws opportunities at us. There are ups and downs. It’s constant. You can either take it as a curse or a blessing,” she claims.

Pat chose “to be happy and grateful.”