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Holidays and Culinary Adventure : Forget about your diet. Be tempted by the local cuisine.

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One of the nicest and finest way to discover a country is through a culinary adventure. Food is part and parcel of a national heritage. It is an experience that can only be lived through the taste buds. Why resist?

Mauritian cuisine is a unique fusion of several continents. It is a cuisine that preserves its Indian heritage through its spicy dishes with exotic names that are often accompanied with rice but also Indian bread known as roti, poori or dhol puri.

Roti or farata (paratha), poori and dhol puri are three different types of savoury Indian bread made of flour, water and oil. Pooris are deep fried. Rotis are cooked on a pan and so are the dhol puris except that the latter are stuffed with chickpeas.

Dhol puri


These Indian breads are served with a red sauce made with tomatoes (called rougaye [roo-guy]in Mauritius), vegetables – jackfruit, beans or potatoes cooked in masala – pumpkin or chayote – even a fish or chicken curry. The interesting piece of this lunch or dinner is that we eat with our fingers. According to connoisseurs, eating with the fingers enhances the taste!

Active rest

For starters, the gâteaux piment and the samosas will definitely reconcile you with finger food, snacking and the art of blending gourmet with convenience, practicality, finesse, fun, style and casualness. While everyone is not used to eating with fingers, it is something that you will pick up easily. These bitesize snacks are just too delicious!




The gâteaux piment made with yellow split pulses, perfumed with cilantro, mixed with chilli and deep fried, are so good that they finish as quickly as they are served! So, do the samosas. These triangular doughs are stuffed with vegetables, meat or fish and deep fried. As for the badjas, they are made with chickpeas. Badja derives from the Bengali word bahja which means « everything that is fried after having been moulded into a dough with water ». Badja can be eaten on its own or stuffed with vegetables or prawns.




You are probably wondering about the impact of all these oily snacks on your weight, right? After all, aren’t these pitfalls to avoid when you know that holiday rimes with ‘letting go’?

Well, guess what? Holidays are the best time to lose weight. Go for a walk, visit touristic attractions, go to the gym or for a swim. The sea and the pool are both so irresistible! That’s what we call active rest. Think about it. Walking one hour a day burns 240 calories. There is also the simple equation: the more you drink, the more you burn. It is important to always have a bottle of water handy and to drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day.