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Holidays on a tropical island: What to pack

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The island has always appealed to the imagination of men. Today more than ever, dream holidays rime with tropical island. To ensure a smooth escape, it is important to pack well and not to forget the essentials but also good-to-have accessories.

Mauritius is part of the Mascarenes archipelago just as Reunion Island and Rodrigues. Based on its geographical location in the Indian ocean and the southern hemisphere, Mauritius has a tropical climate with inverted seasons compared to the northern hemisphere. There are two distinct seasons: southern winter which runs from May to October and southern summer from November to April. Winter is generally dry and cool and summer is, well, hot and humid.  This said, for the European, southern winter would be more equivalent to an extended summer.

For your own comfort, choose loose fitting and light clothing --- linen or cotton --- for hot sunny days. Shorts, Bermuda shorts, tee-shirts, swimming suit (obviously!), hat or cap, sunglasses, a wind-breaker eventually, walking shoes, slippers or tongs --- these are the items that need to go into your luggage if you want to make the most of your time in the tropics. The pedestrian walkways, forest trails and white sand beaches will definitely tempt you. On foot ballads are the best way to discover a country!


Capture those unforgettable moments


In addition to a toiletry bag, remember to pack a first-aid kit containing a broadband sunscreen, your medication as appropriate including a prescription if you need to renew your medication in country, wound dressing, an antiseptic solution and a wound healing product to treat minor injuries, a cream or lotion against mosquito bites and an insect repellent. An insecticide-treated net can also be useful. It is easy to fold and pack.

Heat often causes headaches. Make sure you have pain relievers and anti-diarrhoea tablets just in case your stomach does not adapt to the local food, spices and especially the chilli. If you suffer from motion sickness, it is recommended to include medication against nausea in your bag.

A must-have when you are holidaying in paradise is of course a camera and/or a camcorder to capture unforgettable moments and make your friends jealous when you go back home. Don’t forget the batteries, the charger and an adaptor as appropriate. A lamp torch can also help.

Finally, a good book is always a good companion.

One last thing, always keep copies of your identity card and driving licence. If you lose the originals, you can always use the copies for administrative procedures.