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10 must-know sentences when you come to Mauritius

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To understand and to make oneself understood is definitely the best way to move around in complete serenity when you are in a foreign country. Each country has its own language and expressions.

Traveling rhymes with human experience and there is no better way than to embrace and adopt the colloquial language, the idioms, the intonations and the fluency of the host country. Language remains indeed the communication medium par excellence! By mastering a few words and expressions, you can be certain that your holidays will be unforgettable!


Here is a little guide to must-know sentences when you come on holidays to Mauritius.

Greet a person

  • English: Hello, how are you?
  • Creole: Bonzour, ki manier?


To order a Mauritian dish

  • English : Where can I order Mauritian cuisine? / Can you recommend a place where I can eat Mauritian?
  • Creole: Kot mo capav manze ene plat mauricien?


When we do not understand something

  • English : I do not understand.
  • Creole: Mo pa comprend.

Asking for directions

  • English: How do I get to….
  • Creole: Kouma mo kapav fer pou al kot …


If you are lost/are uncertain about the directions to take

  • English: Can you show me the way to…? / Can you point me to…?
  • Creole: Mo fine perdi mo sime



Ask for the price of something

  • English: What’s the price please?
  • Creole: Komie sa?

To ask for a Mauritian dish

  • English: I want to try a Mauritian dish.
  • Creole: Mo envie manze ene plat mauricien

When you finish your plate or when you are about to leave the restaurant

  • English : The food was delicious!
  • Creole: Bon manze.

To ask for help to carry your luggage

  • English: Can you help me with my luggage please?
  • Creole: Apporte mo valizes siouple.

When you are about to reach your destination

  • English : We are nearly there. / We are almost there.
  • Creole: Nou pre pou arrive.


100% Mauritian Expression

  • English : [I am] Hanging out.
  • Créole: Kas enn poz.